All-hits-no-misses for foodies in Wildwood, New Jersey

10 Dining Experiences You Need to Try in Wildwood, New Jersey

Are you a food enthusiast looking for new and exciting dining experiences? Look no further than Wildwood, New Jersey! This vibrant city offers a wide range of culinary delights that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. In this article, we will explore ten must-visit restaurants in Wildwood, along with their addresses, restaurant URLs, and sample menu URLs. Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other!

1. Antneys Grub - 2001 Surf Ave, Wildwood, New Jersey, 08260
Restaurant URL: [Antneys Grub](
Sample Menu URL: [Antneys Grub Sample Menu](


Antneys Grub is a hidden gem in Wildwood, offering a diverse menu with something to please every palate. From juicy burgers to flavorful wraps, this place has it all. Make sure to try their famous Philly cheesesteak sandwich - filled with tender steak, melted cheese, and sautéed onions, it's a true delight. Don't forget to pair your meal with one of their refreshing milkshakes for the ultimate indulgence.

2. Russos Market - 901 Ocean Ave, Wildwood, New Jersey, 08260
Restaurant URL: [Russos Market](
Sample Menu URL: [Russos Market Sample Menu](


If you're in the mood for some Italian comfort food, head to Russos Market. This family-owned restaurant offers authentic Italian dishes that will transport you straight to Italy. From their homemade pasta dishes to their delicious paninis, every bite is a tribute to traditional Italian flavors. Be sure to try their classic spaghetti and meatballs - it's a crowd favorite!

3. China House Restaurant - 4100 New Jersey Ave, Wildwood, New Jersey, 08260
Restaurant URL: [China House Restaurant](
Sample Menu URL: [China House Restaurant Sample Menu](


Craving some mouthwatering Chinese cuisine? Look no further than China House Restaurant. With an extensive menu featuring all your favorite Chinese dishes, this place is a must-visit for any foodie. From their savory General Tso's chicken to their flavorful lo mein, every dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients and authentic flavors. Don't forget to order their delicious crab rangoon as an appetizer!

4. Duffers Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor - 5210 Pacific Ave, Wildwood, New Jersey, 08260
Restaurant URL: [Duffers Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor](
Sample Menu URL: [Duffers Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor Sample Menu](


Looking for a place that combines great food with sweet treats? Duffers Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor has got you covered. Known for their delicious burgers and mouthwatering milkshakes, this place is a hit with locals and tourists alike. Don't miss their signature Duffers Burger, topped with bacon, cheese, and all the fixings. And of course, make room for a scoop (or two) of their homemade ice cream!

5. Hassles Ice Cream Parlor - 430 E 20th Ave, Wildwood, New Jersey, 08260
Restaurant URL: [Hassles Ice Cream Parlor](
Sample Menu URL: [Hassles Ice Cream Parlor Sample Menu](


If you're in the mood for some delectable frozen treats, Hassles Ice Cream Parlor is the place to be. With an extensive menu of flavors ranging from classic favorites to unique creations, there's something for everyone. Whether you prefer a cone, a sundae, or a milkshake, they have it all. Don't miss their famous Salted Caramel Pretzel ice cream - a perfect balance of sweet and salty goodness.

6. The Firehouse Tavern - 3116 Park Blvd, Wildwood, New Jersey, 08260
Restaurant URL: [The Firehouse Tavern](
Sample Menu URL: [The Firehouse Tavern Sample Menu](


Looking for a cozy spot to grab a drink and some satisfying comfort food? The Firehouse Tavern is the perfect choice. With its warm atmosphere and friendly staff, you'll feel right at home. Their menu features an array of pub classics, from juicy burgers to crispy wings. Make sure to try their Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls - a unique twist on a traditional favorite.

7. MudHen Brewing Company - 127 W Rio Grande Ave, Wildwood, New Jersey, 08260
Restaurant URL: [MudHen Brewing Company](
Sample Menu URL: [MudHen Brewing Company Sample Menu](


Beer enthusiasts, rejoice! MudHen Brewing Company is a must-visit destination for craft beer lovers. With a wide selection of house-brewed beers, including IPAs, stouts, and lagers, there's a brew for every taste. Pair your beer with one of their delicious appetizers, such as their Beer Cheese Pretzel or their Loaded Nachos. Cheers to a great dining experience!

8. Piros Pizza - 4023 New Jersey Ave, Wildwood, New Jersey, 08260
Restaurant URL: [Piros Pizza](
Sample Menu URL: [Piros Pizza Sample Menu](


If you're a pizza lover, Piros Pizza is the place for you. This local favorite offers a wide selection of pizzas, from classic margherita to specialty creations. Their dough is made fresh daily, ensuring a perfect crust every time. Don't miss their signature Piros Special - a flavorful combination of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and peppers. Grab a slice and experience pizza perfection.

9. Curleys Fries - 3501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, New Jersey, 08260
Restaurant URL: [Curleys Fries](
Sample Menu URL: [Curleys Fries Sample Menu](


No visit to Wildwood is complete without indulging in some Boardwalk fries, and Curleys Fries is the place to go. Offering perfectly crispy fries piled high with your choice of toppings, this spot is a must-stop for snack enthusiasts. Don't forget to try their famous Cheese Fries - melty cheese sauce cascading over a mountain of golden fries is pure bliss.

10. Larkins Restaurant - 2600 New Jersey Ave, Wildwood, New Jersey, 08260
Restaurant URL: [Larkins Restaurant](
Sample Menu URL: [Larkins Restaurant Sample Menu](


Last but certainly not least, Larkins Restaurant is a Wildwood institution, serving up delicious seafood and American classics for over 50 years. Their menu features a wide range of options, from fresh seafood platters to mouthwatering steaks. Don't miss their famous Crab Cakes - made with lump crab meat and seasoned to perfection. Indulge in a true taste of the Jersey Shore at Larkins Restaurant.

Wildwood, New Jersey, is a haven for foodies, with its diverse culinary scene and a wide range of delicious dining options. Whether you're craving pizza, seafood, or sweet treats, these ten restaurants are sure to satisfy your cravings. So, put on your stretchy pants and prepare to embark on a gastronomic adventure you won't soon forget.


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