Dining in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Title: Unveiling Stone Mountain's Tempting Food Scene: Where to Satisfy Your Cravings

Located in the southern part of DeKalb County, Stone Mountain, Georgia, is known for its natural beauty and rich history. While the city boasts attractions like Stone Mountain Park and the Confederate Memorial Carving, it also offers an array of culinary delights that should not be missed. To help fellow foodies uncover these hidden gems, we have put together a comprehensive guide to ten must-visit dining establishments in Stone Mountain. From finger-licking wings and juicy burgers to authentic Jamaican jerk and mouthwatering BBQ, there is something for everyone's palate. So, let's embark on a culinary journey through the magnificent tastes and flavors of Stone Mountain!

1. WNB Factory Wings & Burger:
Address: 1230 S Hairston Rd Ste 2, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30088
Restaurant URL: [WNB Factory Wings & Burger](https://zmenu.com/wnb-factory-wings-and-burger-stone-mountain)
Sample Menu URL: ![WNB Factory Wings & Burger Menu](


WNB Factory Wings & Burger is a hidden gem that lives up to its name. The aroma of sizzling burgers and perfectly seasoned wings fills the air as you enter this cozy eatery. With an extensive menu that caters to both burger enthusiasts and wing lovers, WNB Factory offers an unforgettable dining experience. Must-try items include their signature WNB Burger with a juicy beef patty smothered in special sauce, and the mouthwatering Lemon Pepper wings that boast a perfect balance of tanginess and spice.

2. Red Hills Jerk Center:
Address: 7185 Rockbridge Rd SW #1a, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30087
Restaurant URL: [Red Hills Jerk Center](https://zmenu.com/red-hills-jerk-center-stone-mountain)
Sample Menu URL: ![Red Hills Jerk Center Menu](


For an authentic taste of Jamaican cuisine, look no further than Red Hills Jerk Center. This vibrant eatery is a true culinary gem, offering traditional Jamaican jerk chicken and other Caribbean delights. The menu at Red Hills features an array of succulent jerk dishes, such as the tender and spicy Jerk Chicken with its irresistible smoky flavor. Pair it with some plantains and a refreshing Jamaican ginger beer for the ultimate island experience.

3. Wings 101 - Stone Mountain:
Address: 5653 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30083
Restaurant URL: [Wings 101 - Stone Mountain](https://zmenu.com/wings-101-stone-mountain-stone-mountain)
Sample Menu URL: ![Wings 101 - Stone Mountain Menu](


Wings 101 is a go-to spot for all wing enthusiasts. With a wide range of flavors and cooking styles, Wings 101 offers wings that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. From classic Buffalo wings to unique flavors like Honey Garlic and Teriyaki, there is always something to satisfy your cravings. Don't forget to try their popular Waffle Fries, which are the perfect accompaniment to any wing order.

4. The Waterside Restaurant:
Address: 4021 Lakeview Dr, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30083
Restaurant URL: [The Waterside Restaurant](https://zmenu.com/waterside-restaurant-stone-mountain)
Sample Menu URL: ![The Waterside Restaurant Menu](


Tucked away by the lake, The Waterside Restaurant offers scenic views along with delectable cuisine. This elegant establishment specializes in seafood and southern comfort dishes, prepared with a creative twist. From their succulent Lobster Tail to their perfectly seasoned Fried Catfish, each dish showcases the flavors of the coast. Pair your meal with their refreshing signature cocktail, the Lakeside Breeze, for an extra touch of indulgence.

5. Wings 2 Go:
Address: 5260 Memorial Dr Ste B, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30083
Restaurant URL: [Wings 2 Go](https://zmenu.com/wings-2-go-stone-mountain-5)
Sample Menu URL: ![Wings 2 Go Menu](


If you're looking for a no-frills, straightforward wing joint, Wings 2 Go is the place for you. With a focus on quality and flavor, this casual eatery serves up delicious wings with a variety of sauces and seasoning options. Be sure to try their fan-favorite Honey BBQ wings, which strike the perfect balance between sweetness and tanginess. Trust us, you'll be craving more as soon as you finish the last bite.

6. Juci Jerk:
Address: 5503 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30083
Restaurant URL: [Juci Jerk](https://zmenu.com/juci-jerk-stone-mountain)
Sample Menu URL: ![Juci Jerk Menu](


For an authentic taste of the Caribbean, look no further than Juci Jerk. This restaurant captures the essence of Jamaican cuisine with bold spices and unique flavors. The menu at Juci Jerk features mouthwatering Jamaican specialties such as the Jerk Chicken, Oxtails, and Curry Goat, which are all perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. Complete your meal with a side of festivals (sweet cornbread fritters) for a true taste of the islands.

7. Best China:
Address: 5260 Memorial Dr #1205a, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30083
Restaurant URL: [Best China](https://zmenu.com/best-china-stone-mountain)
Sample Menu URL: ![Best China Menu](


Best China is a go-to spot for Chinese cuisine lovers in Stone Mountain. This family-owned restaurant offers an extensive menu featuring classic Chinese dishes made with fresh ingredients. From the flavorful General Tso's Chicken to the savory Kung Pao Shrimp, each dish is prepared with utmost care and attention. Don't forget to add a side of their mouthwatering Fried Rice or Lo Mein to complete your dining experience.

8. Buy the Bone Bar-B-Q:
Address: 567 Stephenson Rd, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30087
Restaurant URL: [Buy the Bone Bar-B-Q](https://zmenu.com/buy-the-bone-bar-b-q-stone-mountain)
Sample Menu URL: ![Buy the Bone Bar-B-Q Menu](


For savory, slow-cooked goodness, make your way to Buy the Bone Bar-B-Q. This family-owned BBQ joint takes pride in their mouthwatering smoked meats and homemade sauces. You won't be disappointed with their tender and flavorful Brisket or the fall-off-the-bone Ribs. Pair your meal with their classic Southern sides like Collard Greens and Macaroni and Cheese for a true taste of authentic BBQ.

9. Big Rock Cafe:
Address: Memorial Hall Circle, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30087
Restaurant URL: [Big Rock Cafe](https://zmenu.com/big-rock-cafe-stone-mountain)
Sample Menu URL: ![Big Rock Cafe Menu](


Situated in the heart of Stone Mountain Park, Big Rock Cafe offers a delightful dining experience amidst nature's beauty. This quaint cafe is a perfect spot for brunch or a quick bite. From their fluffy Pancakes and French Toast to their savory Bacon and Cheddar Omelette, Big Rock Cafe serves up classic breakfast and lunch dishes bursting with flavors. Pair your meal with a cup of freshly brewed coffee for a perfect start to your day.

10. Wing N Burger Factory:
Address: 7184 Rockbridge Rd Ste 201, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30087
Restaurant URL: [Wing N Burger Factory](https://zmenu.com/wing-n-burger-factory-stone-mountain)
Sample Menu URL: ![Wing N Burger Factory Menu](


Wrapping up our culinary journey is Wing N Burger Factory, a hidden gem offering a delightful fusion of wings and burgers. Their menu boasts a wide selection of wings and burgers, each crafted with fresh ingredients and unique flavors. Indulge in their mouthwatering Bacon Cheeseburger or sample their tangy Garlic Parmesan wings for a flavor-packed experience. Wing N Burger Factory is a must-visit for both burger enthusiasts and wing fanatics.

Stone Mountain, Georgia, may be renowned for its natural beauty, but its diverse food scene is equally striking. From the tantalizing flavors of Jamaican jerk to the finger-licking goodness of wings and the savory delights of BBQ, Stone Mountain has something to satisfy every food lover's cravings. So, embark on a gastronomic adventure and explore these ten must-visit eateries. With their mouthwatering menus and delightful ambiance, you're in for a memorable dining experience in Stone Mountain.


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